Hollywood Zero

by Write Colour

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We don't pretend to speak for indigenous peoples of North America. What we can do is speak out against the ways in which white society and culture--to which we belong--have negatively impacted native people and the land. We place significant blame on the media, which is captured in the song's theme and title.

Don't rely on your school's history textbook. The native peoples/First Nations of this continent are still here, still fighting social, economic, and environmental racism and injustices. Reach out to these people; don't take it from us. We're just trying to make sense of our history and present. Watch "Reel Injun," read "God is Read," dig and you shall learn something that will allow us all to move forward with the proper respect and understanding.

Add this to the menu for your thanksgiving dinner.


destiny manifest..
we thought ourselves the blessed
now our land is a mess
in the name of progress we mowed down the Prairies and made metropolis
it's unreel--no life left in our stream of consciousness
these poor People, we called them "savages"
kicked out of Their homes by new inhabitants
rode bare back, no saddles or carriages
now where the Buffalo roamed is where the cattle is, damn..
and what kind of amends have we made?
look how the Indian's portrayed on the big screen
with roles played by none other than italian-americans painted red
without a Native Heritage
in silly hair-wigs and headbands that They didn't even wear
shit ain't even fair, get yourself aware
remember the Arawaks on columbus day
on thanksgiving, when you're filling your humongous plate,
think of the Bison, think of the hunger state
think of the bunk treaties, the reservation gate
think of Red Cloud, think of the number eight minus one generations
that's the way that we perpetuate
think about small pox, think of thundersticks
ironmen, firewater, cowboy flicks
think of john wayne--the racist, white hero
"redskins," damned rivers, "indian burn," "indian giver"
"HOW, HOW, HOW!" how do we sleep at night?
anxiety, depression: yeah, that sounds about right
see, we made martyrs out of Them
stole Their Land, made it national park
then put an Arrowhead on our emblem
next july 4th, look at that flag:
the Red comes before the white
that's the story we bagged
the books and the media are not historically accurate
the facts are fixed
what do we know?
the true revenant will NOT be leo..
that's a hollywood zero



released November 23, 2016
Produced by Nick Montague. Contains samples from Jack Trombey - War Footing, which we use without permission but with great respect. Written by Larry Montague. Photo of Standing Rock resistance site, November 2016, by Megan Veley.



all rights reserved


Write Colour New York, New York

Write Colour is Nick Montague and Larry Montague. Brothers from Upstate New York.

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